around the world in a stagger wing

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Captain Biff Windsock, Around the World in a Staggerwing

Journaling the Journey

<a href=",OJAI-OJAQ,OJAQ-29+01.9N+034+40.3E,29+01.9N+034+40.3E-HETB,HETB-HEAR,HEAR-LCPH&MS=wls2&PC=%23ff0000&DU=nm&SG=140&SU=kts">[View using Helper Application]</a> Tracking Captain Biff in Australia, Around the World in a Staggerwing

Where is Captain Biff today?
 [Red Rockette's location]

By clicking the Red Rockette's location link provided above, you will be taken to a map provided by TrackPlus that is tracking Biff on his journey around-the-world and shows the location of his staggerwing, the Red Rockette.

If you use the Great Circle Mapper you will see the path Captain Biff has followed and where the Red Rockette is today.

[Credit: Great Circle Mapper - copyright © Karl L. Swartz. ]

around the world in a staggerwing

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

April 11, 2010: The news of the moment . . . flown from Perth to Geraldton to Port Hedland, in the northwest of Australia to Bali, Indonesia, onwards to Jakarta and then to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

February 3, 2010: Still in Ballarat.  Good progress has been made on the oil leak.  Will travel soon.  The wine here is excellent!

January 22, 2010: Enjoying wine, good food and great hosts. Listen to Captain Biff's interview from the Ballarat Airport.

Moruya, New South Wales

January 7, 2010: Flew several hundred miles to a lovely aerodrome, right on the east coast of Moruya, New South Wales. Read more.

Luskintyre Aerodrome, Australia at Dawn

New Year's Day 2010: Great fun welcoming 2010 to the eastern shores of Australia at dawn. Read the full story.

Sydney, Australia

Happy Holidays! Fortunately for you I don't have time for a lengthy "What I did on my summer vacation" note this year.  I'm in Sydney, Australia . . .

Luskintyre Aerodrome, near Newcastle, to Sydney's Bankstown Aerodrome

Second Leg of the Journey: Returned to Australia from Reno arriving in Sydney in early December. Read the full account of Captain Biff's 'Second Leg of the Journey'.

New Zealand to Australia

First Leg of the Journey: The first leg of what could be construed to be a historic journey was begun . . . read the full account.
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