Journaling the Journey

Captain Biff Windsock, journaling the journey

Sydney, Australia
Happy Holidays!

Hello Friends:

Fortunately for you I don't have time for a lengthy "What I did on my summer vacation" note this year.  I'm in Sydney, Australia having some maintenance done on the Staggerwing prior to heading down to Tasmania.  This is the last opportunity to take advantage of a knowledge base and capable folks at AirAg at Bankstown airport, just west of the commercial Kingsford Smith airport.

An old pal and I flew the Staggerwing from New Zealand to Australia last Easter week via Norfolk and Lord Howe Islands.  I wandered Queensland for a few weeks visiting several friends and making new ones.  Sometimes it's nice to have a Staggerwing.  It gathers a group wherever it goes.  I put it away for a few months while going back home for business stuff, then came back to Australia in early December to resume the wandering.

The friendliness and hospitality of the Ozzies has been overwhelming.  Wonderful folks and very helpful when one has a problem.  Lots of smiles all around when the "Red Rockette" makes a visit.

I'll eventually head up to Adelaide, possibly Ayres Rock, out to Perth, then up to Broome and Darwin.  From there the truly "international" portion of the long journey home begins.  Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, hopefully to give a Young Eagle ride from the old F-100 Super Sabre runway at PhuCat, possibly Myanmar (Burma), India, Oman, Dubai in the UAE, Kuwait, across Saudi to Jordan and onwards to Cyprus.  I'll take a rest in Cyprus with friends and maybe go home for a bit.  An Earthrounders meeting in Brasil is of interest.

Sorry, no Christmas cards this year.  But this website in partial operation. The webmaster and I have difficulty getting info to each by not writing it and her by not publishing the "nothing" I write.  Oh well.

The very best of the Holiday Season to you all.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Cheers, Old Cap'n Biff Windsock