Windsock in Italy – July 2012

For the past month I’ve been using the farm runway/hangar home of a family that have become close friends, the Marchi family.  They have invited me to use their facility as a base while I stay in a hotel nearby in Castel Goffredo, due south of Lago di Garda here in Northern Italy.  They lend me a car when needed so I can get around for those essential things that need to be done when you’re away from home for 6 months at a time.  Giovanni has helped me a great deal in the ongoing project of keeping the Red Rockette alive and well.

Each of the last 3 weekends we have attended a local fly-in organized by some local aero club.  All have been within 50 miles of “home”. They have all been wonderful events with many aircraft that we don’t get to see in the US.  All have overfed us with excellent quality food and drink.  More details of each will follow in a blog post “sometime” soon.  The last one, the Stradivari Fly-in at Cremona, the violin capital of the world, was magnificent.  Included were classical concerts and other cultural events.

The tentative plan for the next month includes departing this lovely farm environment on Friday, 6 July 2012 to visit the Pipistrel Aircraft factory just across the Italian border at Ajdovscina, Slovenia (LJAJ).  They are one of the innovation leaders in light aircraft production with numerous models of aircraft produced in their factory on this airfield.  Their new Panthera will be a sensation in the light 4 place market.  Then a short flight to beautiful Bled, Slovenia.  A nice airfield with a good restaurant, a castle on a small island in the local lake, beautiful alpine architecture all lend to make it a most comfortable place to be.

Later visits to Austria, Slovakia, and an AOPA sponsored event in the most western part of the Ukraine at Uzhhorod (UKLU) the weekend of 12 thru 15 July 2012.  Hope to do some family research while there since there is a possibility that Charney grandparents may be from somewhere nearby.

And so goes the wanderings of Captain Biff.

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