Captain Biff: I’m okay after earthquake in Italy

Latest News – May 20, 2012

Yes, it’s amazing…you get two updates within days of each other.

So there I was…in the sack, out like a light, middle of the night, probably snoring…and my dream turns to jello. The hotel room is shaking…it’s a nice shake, not a violent one, but it goes on for a long time. In my daze I can’t figure out where in the world I am. I’ve been tossed around in the middle of the night in a number of places in the world but I usually don’t have a problem knowing where I am. This time it’s different. Maybe because it’s a soft gentle shake and isn’t all that scary. Maybe it’s just because I’m older but that IS a scary thought so I put it out of mind. After the first big one comes the normal after-shock. It’s also somewhat gentle. I finally remember an Italian dinner, which is now turning into curdled cheese…or a milkshake, and finally decide I’m in Italy.

Several emails arrive asking if I’m OK. So I’ve decided to send this one out as an “I’m OK” note. The Red Rockette is OK as well. Indeed, several buildings, including a church, about 40 to 50 miles away, fell. Three folks lost their lives. No damage in my local area. Fortunately, the RR is in a nice hangar on a wonderful grass airfield of a private nature. I’ve learned that following the RR around can be fun. She gets invited to nice airfields and I just tag along. Wonderful people offer their help and all is good.

One of my esteemed educators from my days at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo…I had a gal there once…sent me an amusing (I think) note. Having heard of the shaker and noting that I was in the same area, he wondered if it was really a shaker or if I was just practicing landings. I may have to reassess my thoughts of gratitude and respect. :)

Saturday afternoon was a hum-dinger. Gave some really nice folks a ride in the Red Rockette and in return was trusted enough to be allowed to fly a very nice Stearman. More than one flashback in those few minutes. Something about biplanes, especially of the open cockpit type, that bring emotions to the surface.

It’s raining now and will for the next few days if the weather folks are correct. I hope to be at another grass airfield by next Thursday, this one called La Ferte-Alais south of Paris. Big show there next weekend, 25-27 May. Hoping the wx improves.

Cheers, Old Cap’n Biff.

Captain Biff Windsock


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