Touring Jordan-Part 2

Friday, 14 Jan 2011

I left off several days ago saying that flight clearances had delayed me here in Amman, Jordan. The clearance issue revolved around the fact that after I arrive at my next destination, Paphos, Cyprus, I intend to fly to the Akrotiri Royal Air Force Base just 25 miles from Paphos.  Because of this Staggerwings WWII British history, it has been invited to use some storage facilities there for a few months while I return to the US.  I am very grateful for that invitation. The serving RAF personnel at the base have been extremely helpful in this matter. As an ex-serviceman myself, it is with pride that I acknowledge their service to their country.

The clearance issue has been resolved, Jordanian and Egyptian overflight clearances have already been issued, now the final clearance to be issued is the Cypriot landing permit. It is expected within several days. Having checked the weather for early next week I find that Monday, the 17th, will not be a good day to fly. So the tentative plan is to fly to Cyprus next Tuesday, 18 Jan, 2011. Weather will be the final determinant.

Having taken this space for the above notice, I’ll leave the tourist info until the next post. I’ve experienced a good deal of touring during this extended visit and a little time off has been enjoyed. This country is very rich is history. I have mud on my shoes and pants from the Baptism site where John baptized Jesus. I don’t want to clean it off. And so it goes.

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