Chiang Mai and Thai Taste Treats

Still out in the country about 10 miles southeast of Chiang Mai.  After a great deal of drama with the Thai flight clearance folks a few days back after arriving from Cambodia, I finally was released to fly the 10 miles to little NOK airfield.  However, I have no further clearance to fly locally so the Red Rockette sits in a nice hangar at NOK.  I, on the other hand, am enjoying the taste treats of a wonderful chef, Apple, the lady of the house. Her husband, Tony, and I have been fed to the max with wonderful Thai home cooking. Apple has often taught Thai cooking in many places, including London.  True to her name, she makes an outstanding apple pie served with homemade ice cream.  Dinner this evening was Green Curry with Chicken and veggies.  Yummy.

Their B&B, Baan Chuenjai Guesthouse ( is a work in progress.  They are about 2 weeks away from completing the new house on the property. They are open now but at reduced capacity.  It’s a nice place to relax and work on the rest of my journey but yet be close to the airport for work on the Red Rockette. Tony is Thailands only certified Glider Instructor so we have much in common to chat about.

The latest plan is to leave Chiang Mai next Thursday, Dec 9, for Kolkata.  You weather watchers will have noticed that the visibility in Kolkata is less than desirable.  There will some challenges coming up in the next few weeks.  All part of the game.  Looking forward to being in Muscat, Oman to visit with Bill, Betty, and Hollis Kosco during the Holiday Season.  It will be really nice to be with friends in a far off land.  Hollis works there and loves the area.  And so it goes.


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