Chaing Mai to Kolkata–at least it’s a start

It’s Friday, 10 Oct 2010 here in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The alarm rang at 0500, a shower, and another delightful breakfast served by Apple, the Thai wife of Tony Waddoup of the UK. They’re the operators of the countryside Baan Chuenjai Guesthouse near the little airfield called NOK. All meals are taken outside on the “bandstand”…Tony is a musician. Got to the airfield very early, created a good deal of sweat loading the Red Rockette, and finally got airborne, having avoided the cows but NOT their pies, on the way to Chiang Mai airport to clear Customs, etc before leaving for Kolkata, India….or so I thought.

A very long story short, the clearance I thought I had was not, indeed, in effect today. Overflight of Myanmar and Bangladesh and entry clearance to India were all in order. However, the Thai clearance was not. After a flurry of phone calls and a long period of waiting, I realized it was too late to head off on a 6 hour flight to a strange airport with poor visibility. Adding to the complication…it’s a Thai holiday. I asked a Thai lady what the holiday was celebrating and she raced off to find a calendar with the info.

So it was back to the aircraft, completed a great deal of organizing, locked her up and off to a hotel. So hopefully the flight will be more successful on Saturday, Thailand time.

And so it goes.

Windsock, a few pounds lighter due to sweating away many gremlins.

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